The NGO Act, 2016 established an Adjudication Committee to handle appeals by persons aggrieved by a decision of the Bureau and grants both individuals and organizations the right to appeal against decisions taken by the SNMC, DNMC or the NGO Bureau. The procedure for appeals are as follows:




An appeal or complaint to a committee shall be commenced by filing an application in the registry at the head office of the Bureau or at a branch registry or any other registry designated by the chairperson.


The executive director of the Bureau shall upon receipt of the complaint or appeal forward it to the chairperson within four working days for the Chairperson to constitute a sitting of the Committee under Rule 4 of The NGO (Adjudication Committee Procedure) Rules, 2020.


All subsequent documents required to be lodged in relation to an application shall be lodged in the registry where the application is filed.


The appeal or complaint shall be filed within forty-five days from the date when the decision was made.


Other information can be accessed in The NGO (Adjudication Committee Procedure) Rules 2020.


An appeal or complaint filed with the committee shall be in writing filed in triplicate and shall clearly state, the facts arising to the appeal or complaint, the reasons for the appeal and, in numerical order, the issues on which a decision is sought.