Today Tuesday 8th June, 2021, the National Bureau for NGOs (NGO Bureau) held a press conference to inform the public of the increasing fraudulent practices involving some NGOs and members of the public. 
The six (6) NGOs that are involved in these fraud related cases mentioned in the press statement include; 

  1. Comforter of the Afflicted Formation Home (CAFH)
  2. Agape Sanctuary Ministries International 
  3. Christ Alive Glorious Ministries International (CAGMI)
  4. Equal Opportunities for Women and Children in Uganda
  5. Dankind Academy (where a one Ssali Robert defrauded Dankind Academy International an NGO that was intending to register with the NGO Bureau).
  6. Global Health Community Empowerment (GHCE)

Speaking at the press briefing the Executive Director of the NGO Bureau – Mr. Stephen Okello, cautioned the general public to be vigilant and carry out due diligence as they transact with these NGOs.   
The National Bureau for NGOs is mandated to register, regulate, monitor, inspect, coordinate and oversee all NGO operations in the country.  

Read the entire press release here.

ED-NGO-Bureau addressing press